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Chicken manure processing

LANDCO Technology: effective and proven method of processing chicken manure.

LANDCO is a complete solution for recycling chicken manure.

Currently classic biogas technologies cannot handle pure chicken manure (out of co-fermentation) because of high ammonium concentration.

LANDCO technology consist of limiting the retention time of chicken manure in the digester to avoid the fatal level for bacteria due to high ammonium concentration in the substrate.

The anaerobic fermentation is necessary to make sure no more possible pathogenic components will remain in the digestate. The biogas generated is used in a CHP to provide the system with the needed energy.

The digestate is then separated in clean water und concentrate of mineral fertilizer components (NPK at 4-3-2).

The fertilizer is pelletized in order to ensure a stable condition allowing long term storage and transportation, providing their compliance with the relevant technical requirements for export.

Thus, our technology provides a superior product in high demand on the world market and its high value contributes to a quick return-on-Investment.

The other advantage of the proposed technology is the lack of waste by-products and so no additional costs for storage and disposal.

Scheme of chicken manure processing for getting high quality fertilizer:

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