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About company

Founded in Luxembourg in 2005, LANDCO SA is the Group’s parent company. Its key competencies lie in engineering, R&D, EPC, processing fermented waste, and laboratory testing.

LANDCO SA has signed cooperation agreements with leading European biogas engineering companies and takes part in joint research projects with national research centres in Luxembourg and France.

LANDCO SA holds patents on the use of non-waste biogas technology for processing organic waste into biogas, clean water, and polynutrient fertilizers. LANDCO SA enjoys exclusive relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and components in Germany, France, Austria and the Czech Republic, ensuring both exceptional quality and competitive prices.

LANDCO SA has performed installations in a number of biogas plants within Belgium, Germany and France. The company performs thorough analyses of the biogas technology market to select the most competitive solutions available.

In 2008, Agrobiotech Ltd was established in Russia as a subsidiary of LANDCO SA. This company specializes in the creation of turnkey non-waste biogas plants in Russia and the CIS, and also develops its own biogas investment projects, which allows contractors to solve the problems associated with waste disposal and increasing energy tariffs at no extra cost.

Agrobiotech is a member of the North-Western Alliance of Engineers and the only Russian company specializing in the construction and design of non-waste biogas plants.

Together with its partners, Agrobiotech enables the design, construction and operation of major and minor elements within biogas plants, hothouses and gas filling stations. In addition, Agrobiotech conducts comprehensive assessments on the potential for biogas production as well as economic analysis on the effectiveness of biogas technology, both for individual companies and for various Russian regions through regional development programmes.

The company has developed the concept for advancing the biogas industry in Russia and the methodology to assess and achieve cost-effective investment, as well as taking an active part in establishing the legal basis of the industry in Russia.

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