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Establishing regional programmes
to develop the biogas industry

Our company operates regional programmes aimed at the development of the biogas industry for state bodies responsible for environment, agriculture and energy. Programmes have already been successfully prepared for a number of leading agricultural regions in Russia.

We are ready to carry out comprehensive assessments of the potential of biogas production and economic analysis of the effectiveness of biogas technology, as well as help companies find partners and funding sources. Leading research institutions, laboratories and biogas market analysts are involved in developing programmes, while our own research department identifies opportunities for growth biogas industry in Russia’s regions, including selecting sites for the implementation of cost-effective biogas projects using our own methodology.

State agencies and other institutions are advised to get in touch to share the benefits of future projects.

Steps for evaluating the effectiveness of the introduction of non-waste biogas technologies in regional sites:

1. Creating a registry of major sources of waste (such as cattle, pig and poultry farms, distilleries and refineries, greenhouses, breweries, municipal wastewater treatment plants, and organic municipal waste).

2. Clarifying the scope and parameters for each waste enterprise.

3. Evaluation of environmental impact.

4. Evaluation of potential for biogas energy, as well as heat and power generation for key businesses, districts, and the region as a whole.

5. Assessing the potential for the production of bio-fertilizers.

6. Assessing the potential for waste to replace the share of traditional energy in the region’s energy balance.

7. Evaluation of the economic efficiency of biogas technology.

8. Assessment of socio-economic and environmental effects.

9. Selection and preparation of priority investment areas.

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