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Supplying heat and electricity

Rising electricity tariffs, lesser supply reliability, and the high cost of connection all justify the partial or complete rejection of centralized energy services in favour of plants that generate energy autonomously.

With Agrobiotech, you can supply your company with heating and electricity using the energy produced by the biogas plant as it processes waste. Our company offers a project service arrangement in which a subsidiary of Agrobiotech invests its own and third-party financing to create a package for the production of electricity and heat from the biogas plant. Return on investment is accomplished by supplying energy to your company at tariffs 5-10% below current market rates. As a result, you can reduce your energy costs and boost your connected capacity with no capital expenditure.

Generating energy using biogas has several advantages compared to other alternative energy sources:

Biogas is the only type of renewable energy that can provide acceptable reliability and continuity for an autonomous power system. Its most important feature, which it shares with traditional energy production, is its uninterrupted output and maximum utilization of installed capacity.

The availability of raw materials for plant operation and the total absence of fuel costs in terms of operating expenses. Raw material availability is possible thanks to territorial flexibility: biogas plants can be situated in any area and do not require the construction of expensive pipelines and network infrastructure, as well as allowing the new company to save on connection costs and capacity allocation.

Using biogas, you can obtain several types of energy resources simultaneously: gas, motor fuel, heating and electricity.

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