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Agrobiotech offers various financing options for biogas plants. One option is the implementation of projects via an energy and environmental service company, which builds a biogas plant using its own and third-party financing.

This company, which performs construction, financing and operation within biogas projects, is set up as a subsidiary of Agrobiotech.

We can offer long-term waste supply and recycling contracts to enterprises that produce waste, as well as offering discounted heating and electricity at market prices.

This system addresses waste disposal issues and reduces energy costs without the need for further investment by the company, allowing it to free up funds for modernization and development.

Today, solving the problem of waste at no cost to the company that produces it is the only way to start the development of the industry in Russia, where most companies prefer to expand their primary production centres and biogas plants are considered a non-core asset.

Agrobiotech is currently running several pilot projects based on the eco-energy service concept.

Financing is possible under the following conditions:

1. The station has a payback period of less than six years and meets the criteria of cost-effective biogas projects.

2. Your company is a reliable contractor and is willing to provide financial statements.

3. Your company is ready to conclude a long-term contract for waste disposal.

4. The initial stage of the project – undertaking a feasibility study and launching a pilot biogas plant – is performed at your company’s cost.

Our company is ready to consider proposals for the organization of a joint venture for constructing biogas plants on an equity basis.

One of the options for financing the project is our leasing scheme. The availability of financing can be discussed on an individual basis.

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