• LANDCO’s non-waste biogas technology

  • Solving the problem of waste

  • Solving the problem of costs

Опросный лист

LANDCO’s non-waste biogas technology

- is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of disposing of waste from animals, crop production, food production, water treatment and landfills.

LANDCO biotechnology eliminates the costs for recycling organic waste required by conventional biogas plants, and also provides investors with additional revenue sources from the safe disposal of organic material and the sale of polynutrient fertilizers.

A long-term waste disposal contract with
LANDCO/Agrobiotech enables your company to eliminate waste and reduce energy and transport fuel costs with zero capital investment.

LANDCO’s non-waste biogas technology offers:

  • Complete cost recovery within 5 years, without subsidies and "green tariffs".
  • The opportunity to produce various products simultaneously, such as electricity, heat, gas, transport fuel, vermicompost, complex fertilizers and clean water.
  • Independence from rising energy tariffs, as well as from possible disruptions to the supply of gas and electricity.
  • The possibility to establish new, highly profitable agricultural production.
  • A firm basis for your company’s ongoing competitiveness and liquidity amid changing market conditions.

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