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The LANDCO module

The LANDCO module is the most effective way to address the problem of processing large amounts of fermented mass, and dividing it into concentrated fertilizer and clean water using limited energy consumption. The module is created using unique membrane technologies and is actually a containerized water canal.

The LANDCO module has been successfully tested to work with agricultural wastewater plants in France and Luxembourg, as well as municipal wastewater treatment plants in Monaco.

The LANDCO module can be successfully applied to existing biogas plants, which eliminates the costs of removal and disposal of fermented mass and earns revenue from providing waste processing services and the sale of fertilizer.


LANDCO technology: addressing the issue of fermented mass

The expansion in the number of biogas plants will be seriously hampered without treating fermented mass, due to the lack of available space to contain it.

In fact, the spread rate of nitrogen in agricultural land is 170 kg / ha and 340 kg / ha in non-agricultural land, such as prairies.

That’s why LANDCO SA developed a patented system for reducing the weight of fermented extract into elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and then into producing clean water containing less than 10 mg nitrogen per litre.

LANDCO modules can be incorporated into new biogas plant designs and embedded in existing biogas plants during upgrading.

LANDCO module technology is based on processing fermented mass with UASB fermenters and a reliable system of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, using high-quality, unique membranes.

Scheme for input with module Landco and UASB

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