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  • Solving the problem of waste

  • Solving the problem of costs

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Conditions for project profitability

To achieve a payback period of no more than five years (without any subsidies), a biogas project must meet the following criteria:

1. Handle sufficient waste to produce power for at least 1 MW or 4 million cubic metres of biogas per year.

Economically sound biogas projects can be implemented:

On pig farms with at least 70,000 animals.

On cattle farms with at least 8000 animals.

On poultry farms with at least 1 million animals.

In meat processing plants producing at least 80 tons of slaughterhouse waste per day.

At distilleries producing at least 130 tons of waste per day.

At sugar refineries producing at least 220 tons of waste per day.

At breweries producing at least 150 tons of waste per day.

In urban water treatment facilities serving at least 300,000 people and producing at least 150 tons of waste from sewage sludge per day.

On grain waste of over 30 tons per day.

2. Guaranteed continuous sales of electricity or biomethane produced (from 3 roubles (0.07 euros) per 1 kW).

3. Guaranteed, uninterrupted supply of waste for BSU for recycling on a contractual basis.

Recommended features:

Need for the enterprise to allocate installed capacity.

Presence of environmental problems (high emission charges or disposal costs, a significant amount of waste).

Guaranteed demand for thermal energy.

Presence of the most profitable types of waste - sewage, fats, organic waste, grain waste, food industry waste from cheese, sugar, starch, breweries and slaughterhouses.

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