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LANDCO/Agrobiotech's current priority projects and activities

1. Creating its own Russian network of biogas systems for processing agricultural waste, food and utilities. The first stage involves planning the implementation of a number of investment projects in the Northwestern Federal District.

2. Launching projects on processing organic municipal waste in large cities. Polygon Ltd are involved as customer and investor. Pilot projects are planned for landfills located in the Leningrad, Kaliningrad and the Tyumen regions. Engineering work is already underway in the first two regions.

3. Modernizing existing biogas plants in the EU in order to improve their effectiveness and bring them into compliance with waste disposal regulations, whereby owners of biogas plants are required to convert processed waste into fertilizer and clean water.

4. Participating in the French government’s Thousand Fermenters programme as a provider of turnkey non-waste biogas plants. LANDCO is contracted to build a network of biogas plants based on waste from agro-industrial complexes.

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