• LANDCO’s non-waste biogas technology

  • Solving the problem of waste

  • Solving the problem of costs

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Implementing turnkey projects

1. Comprehensive assessment of potential for biogas production, including laboratory analysis of waste.

2. Economic efficiency analysis of biogas technology, energy and environmental audits.

3. Develop business plan and feasibility study for non-waste biogas plants.

4. Engineering, preparation of project documentation, coordination with regulatory authorities.

5. Building work, supply, installation and commissioning of equipment, staff training.

6. Warranty and after-sales service, remote process control.

7. Design and construction of associated elements of biogas cluster purification units and gas compression fuelling plants, plants for production of granular fertilizer and fuel pellets, greenhouses.

8. Certification and assistance in implementation of bio-fertilizers.

9. Implementation of carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market.

10. Organization of financing for biogas projects.

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