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A lack of waste disposal options leads to the uncontrolled growth of operating costs for companies for exporting and storing waste, as well as environmental costs. This represents a burden on company finances and a negative impact on its investment attractiveness.

The inevitable tightening of environmental controls in Russia because of the need to attract new sources of revenue and comply with WTO norms make it important for many enterprises that currently lack the means to store and process organic waste to perform these activities.

Using Agrobiotech’s non-waste biotechnology can address this by undertaking full processing of organic waste to produce clean water and microbiological fertilizers.

Our company offers a project service arrangement, in which a subsidiary of Agrobiotech invests its own and third-party financing to set up a waste management complex. Return on investment is achieved through the provision of waste management services for your company at tariffs set 5% below current costs for waste removal and disposal. In this case, a long-term contract for company waste disposal is concluded, since this arrangement is central to the revenue structure of the biogas project and will ensure its profitability. As a result, your company is freed of the environmental burden, because issues related to waste are outsourced.

Most importantly, by implementing waste management using our biogas model, you eliminate the need for capital expenditure on the part of your company in setting up the new wastewater treatment plant. You can spend these savings on your core business. The bottom line is that the transition to non-waste technology will improve your liquidity and capitalization.

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